Friday, March 20, 2009

Racing — February 15 - March 15

I ended up running 4 races in a month span.
I would not recommend running events that close together and did not expect fast times toward the end. I am very pleased with the first two performances.

2.14.9: Austin Marathon - 14th Overall in 2:46:09
Felt pretty good, lacking some speed. Weather was perfect, mid 50's.

3.1.9: USA T&F 50K National Championship - 4th Overall in 3:21:37
Can't complain had a pretty good performance for what it's worth. Weather was cold and windy, low 30's.

3.8.9: Shamrock 15K - 3rd Overall in 57:01
Felt slow, ran 13 miles before the race. Weather was nasty. Cold wet rain.

3.14.9: Way Too Cool 50K - 62nd Overall in 4:34:21
Could not get into a groove, very unhappy with performance.
Went out pretty slow and still felt like I was running at altitude.
Weather was perfect.