Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 13 - 16 (Training Week & Buckeye 50K)

Buckeye Trail 50K
The race had the strongest starting.
Mike Seymour: 2:27 marathoner
Damon Blackford: 2:25 marathoner
Kam Lee: 2:31 marathoner
Stephen Benesh: 2:36 marathoner
Kyle bowman: 2:40 marathoner
My goal for the race was to run as hard as I could to the turn around and see what happens.
Ended up hitting 1:55. As soon as I turned around Mike Seymour arrived.
Kam Lee was a couple min. back. Had a little delay do to a train crossing the course at mile 20.
Pretty tired on the way back, but held onto 3rd in 4:05.

The most impressive runs were by Seymour, Benesh, and Pope.
All three first timers for 50K distance. Pope only being 20.

8 Miles a.m.
8 Miles p.m.
Both runs Downtown Cleveland.
Day Total: 18 Miles

Track Workout: Solon
4 Miles p.m. Warm-up.
5:14, 5:12, 5:03
4 Mile Cool-down.
Day Total: 20 Miles

9 Mile a.m.
8 Miles p.m.
Both runs Downtown Cleveland.
Day Total: 17 Miles

10 Miles a.m. Tempo run at 6:00 pace.
OFF p.m.
Day Total: 10 Miles

3 Miles a.m.
OFF a.m.
Day Total: 3 Miles

1 mile warm up
32 Miles a.m. - Buckeye 50K [Cuyahoga Valley National Park].
Day Total: 32 Miles

16 Miles a.m. Ran from Aurora to Hudson and back.
Day Total: 16 Miles

Week Total: 116 Miles

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duchossois said...

Congrats again, Mark. You're right, that was an impressive group of runners. Imagine the times we would have seen if we had run it on Thursday, when the trails were dry, hard, and fast.