Monday, March 24, 2008

Training Week March 17 - 23

I made the decision this week to give the 100K distance one more shot.
I believe it is the hardest distance to race.
I registered for the USA Track & Field 100K National Championship in Madison, WI.
I think I am ready but always have concerns about the body holding up running on the roads for that hard and fast pace. I only hope it's not hot or snowing. 

8 Miles a.m.
8 Miles p.m.
Both runs Downtown Cleveland.
Day Total: 16 Miles

8 Miles a.m. - Downtown Cleveland.
8 Miles p.m. - Cuyahoga Falls.
Track workout: University of Akron outdoor track.
1 Mile Warm-up
3x1,600m with 400m recovery.
5:19, 5:19. 5:19
2 Mile Cool-down.
Not too happy about times on the track.
Temp, was cool, wet and gloomy.
Day Total 22 Miles

8 Miles a.m.
8 Miles p.m.
Both runs Downtown Cleveland
Day Total: 16 Miles

10 Miles at 5:40 pace.
Temp was a tad cold, but sunny. Felt strong.
Made up a little for Tuesdays track workout.
8 Miles p.m.
Both runs Downtown Cleveland.
Day Total: 18 Miles

8 Miles a.m.
8 Miles p.m.
Both runs Downtown Cleveland
Day Total: 16 Miles

14 Miles a.m. - Ran the Carriage Trail loop in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
Run was pretty tough through snow.
7 Miles p.m. - Hudson
Day Total: 21 Miles

Sunday: Easter
20 Miles a.m. - With Cleveland Southeast Runners Club.
Wheels started to fall off the last 3 miles.
Off p.m.
Day Total: 20 Miles

Week Total: 129


Greg "Loomdog" Loomis said...

Go get em in 3 weeks Mark. Start conservative and let your mileage and strength serve you well. Some may be faster but none have you base. Good luck

Anonymous said...

I for one, can't wait to peruse the results of that 100k!

Mark - for those of us cheering you on and not familiar with the level you run at...what pace (rough avg) do you run all your 8 mile downtown Cleveland runs at? Just curious if you don't mind....I know it will vary, just looking for what you shoot for usually.

duchossois said...

I believe I heard you say on more than one occasion that you would never do a 100k again. I guess you can't resist the challenge. Good luck.


My runs on Mon, Wed, and Fri and my easy days or recovery days. I noticed instead of taking recovery days off, just back down the pace and get in the miles.
So I am running at a comfort level. I would guess it's 7 min mile pace.

26.2 said...

Frank, i thought he would do badwater before the 100k, I guess that's your flight, he is going to need a crew!

crowther said...

I'm glad you haven't given up on the 100K just yet. Mad City should be a good race, with Mike Wardian, Steve Stowers, you, me, etc. See you there!

Jim said...

So does that mean you can pace me at Boston as your recovery run?