Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Best Running Products of 2007

Trail Running Shoe.
Salomon SpeedCross 2 -This is the best trail shoe I have ever run in.
I use to run in Montrail, but they were too clunky and never had the right feel that I was looking for. The SpeedCross 2 are great for speed and are ultra-light.
The traction is ideal for the mid-west trails of dirt and mud.
I wore them in the Burning River 100 Mile Race, Buckeye 50K, and Puxy 50K.

Energy Products.
Since I am sponsored by PowerBar I receive the opportunity to test some of the products.
PowerBar continues to update their products to help us enhance our performance as well to keep going during a ultra event. My favorite product is PowerBar Gel. I use it in every Ultra event.

Running Jacket.
The Patagonia Wind Track Jacket. It not only looks cool, but it's great for fighting off the wind from Lake Erie! It has tapered design for a great fit, plus the back is made of a stretch polyester fleece. So it breaths when you are hammering out a tempo run.

One of the best new products.
Moeben Sleeves.
I use them in racing and during my tempo runs. They are perfect for keeping my arms warm without the extra weight from the additional material in a full length long sleeve shirt.
Plus if you over heat you can just remove them or pull them down. They are awesome.

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