Thursday, January 17, 2008

Training Week January 14 - 20

Monday: 8 miles a.m., 8 miles p.m. Day Total: 16 Miles

Tuesday: 8 miles a.m., 8 miles p.m. 
Followed by track workout at Akron University Field House.
1 mile warm-up, then 3 x 1,600m with 400m recovery.
5:22, 5:22, 5:11, then 1 mile cool-down.
Day Total: 21 Miles

Wednesday: 8 mile a.m., 8 miles p.m.
Day Total: 16 Miles

Thursday: 10 miles hard at sub-6 min pace in the a.m. Temp. was 34 degrees, 8 miles p.m.
Day Total :18 Miles

Friday: 8 miles a.m., 8 miles, p.m.
Day Total: 16 miles

Saturday: 15 miles a.m., Trails in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
Connie Gardner was bit by dog.
6 miles p.m. with Dave Koch and Kam Lee
Day Total: 21 miles

Sunday: 12 miles a.m., Very cold &  windy, 5 degrees. Shirt had frost on it when finished. Shirt froze in the shape I took it off in.
Day Total: 12

120 Total Miles per Week


Mike said...

Nice week Mark. It is good for us mid pack type runners to see what you are doing! Thanks for sharing. Was Connie's dog bite serious?

Barbara said...


Very cool blog! What are you training've been cranking out some major miles this past week! Any words of wisdom for me, for next week's Buckeye 50K?? I think I should have listened to you, and NOT signed up for the WINTER 'fun run' (fun??!)I love trail running, but the 'footing' sucks from 1 week to the's either mud or frozen mud, which is really 'scary' stuff!


I just figured out I could post reply comments.

Yea, Connie is ok.
I think the dog caught her off guard.

Big race that I am training for is Boston. I always look forward to hitting heart break or It kicking my butt. This year I hope it's my turn.

I have not run the Winter edition of the Buckeye for that reason of crappy footing. I use to run the HUFF 50K. It can be an easy course or one of the hardest due to the weather and amount of snow fall.

I've been having bad hamstring problems for the past 6 years. The slight slipping every step and the occasional big slip running up a hill seems to put the hurt on me.