Friday, June 13, 2008

Taper & USA Trail Marathon National Championship Week June 2 - June 8

Deadwood Marathon was very challenging.
The first 14 Miles was up hill and at elevation.
I felt like I was running in slow motion with no energy.
I walked a tad through mile 11, sick of running up hill.
Came through the half at 1:31, very slow.
Second half of the race was down hill.
I tried to make up time, but was not very motivated since I lost contact with the rest of the field.
Ended up around 2:57 for 4th place overall. Can't complain.
The area of South Dakota is one of the most beautiful areas of the States.
So many thing to do and see. It's a must see area of the country if you have never been their.

8 Miles a.m.
8 Miles p.m.
Both runs Downtown Cleveland.
Day Total: 16 Miles

8 Miles a.m. Downtown Cleveland.

Track Workout: Solon Track
4 Miles p.m. Warm-up on the track followed by 4 x 100m stride outs.
3 x 1 Mile with 400m recovery.
5:12, 5:12, 5:08, felt strong the last repeat.
4 Mile Cool-down.
Day Total: 20 Miles

8 Mile a.m.
Off p.m.
Downtown Cleveland.
Day Total: 8 Miles

18 Mile a.m.
Off p.m.
Downtown Cleveland.
Day Total: 8 Miles

Off a.m. Travel
12 Miles p.m.
Hit some awesome trails in South Dakota.
Ran up to Harney Peak 7,242 ft (2,207 m) and Little Devil’s Tower
Pretty tough run for flatlander
Day Total: 12 Miles

Off a.m.
Off p.m.
Went to Mount Rushmore
Day Total: 0 Miles

Deadwood Marathon, SD
2 Mile warm-up
Day Total: 28 Miles

Week Total: 92 Miles


Wyatt said...

Mark: Sounds like Deadwood was very difficult with that first 14 miles of climb. You hung in there like the champion you are and came out of it with a great time and overall placement. I know many of us in SERC think you're going to do really well at the WS100 (or, as Meltzer calls it on his blog, the Western States Track Meet). You'll come back strong from last year and finish at an elite level. See you in a few days.


ErieTom said...

2:57 on a flat road marathon would be fantastic, and you ran the first 14 miles uphill! Wow! Congrats on 4th place - fantastic!