Sunday, June 1, 2008

Training Week May 26 - June 1

Getting ready for the USA Track & Field Trail Marathon National Championship and Western States 100 Mile Run.
It's going to be a crazy month of June. I'm bit trashed from all the racing & training lately.

My concerns are about Western because it has kicked by butt so many times now. I really struggle with the altitude and heat. Even though the race doesn't go that high in elevation is seems to bother me being a flatlander. Right now the average temp. lately has been in the mid 60-70 witch is not in my favor.

I still enjoy running Western States even though I have not run well there.

Last year's Western was one of the most disappointing races I have run. I basically went out for three weeks to acclimate and train on the course. I lived out of my rental car. Felt like Christopher McCandless from "Into the Wild". You learn a lot about yourself when you are alone for any length of time. I got in shape and lost weight. Almost too much weight.

I had to come back home for over a week do to work and then go back out to California the Thurs. before the race. I think I lost much of the acclimating to the altitude being back on flat land for 10 days.

This year I am not worry about time or place and see how things go.

8 Miles a.m.
8 Miles p.m.
Both runs Downtown Cleveland.
Day Total: 16 Miles

8 Miles a.m. Downtown Cleveland.

Track Workout: Solon Track
4 Miles p.m. Warm-up on the track followed by 4 x 100m stride outs.
3 x 1 Mile with 400m recovery.
5:16, 5:16, 5:06, felt strong the last repeat.
4 Mile Cool-down.
Day Total: 20 Miles

8 Mile a.m.
8 Miles p.m.
Both runs Downtown Cleveland.
Day Total: 16 Miles

10 Miles a.m. Tempo run at 5:45 pace, downtown Cleveland.
Didn't feel too good.

8 Miles p.m. In South Chagrin Reservation.
Hilly Trails
Day Total: 18 Miles

8 Miles a.m.
8 Miles in a.m.
Both runs Downtown Cleveland.
Totally beat up.
Day Total: 16 Miles

Easy Run
15 Miles a.m. - Run in the [Cuyahoga Valley National Park]
Hilly section of the Buckeye Trail.
10 Miles p.m. in Hudson.
Day Total: 25 Miles

12 Miles a.m. in Solon with Southeast Running Club.
6 Miles p.m. in Aurora. Ran from Home.
Day Total: 18 Miles

Week Total: 129 Miles


Anonymous said...

Mark - if you don't mind the question..

I am learning about running and view your times...the low 5's on mile repeats and 5:45 temp runs...

What is your PB for a mile all time?
What is your recent PB if you ran a mile all out?

Just enjoy reading your blog, and wondering how close to MAX you are at when you do mile repeats?

Thanks - not trying to steal any trade secrets here. My current mile PB is only about 6:30 so you are completely safe from me!


I have run 4:40 twice, but really wasn't a race.
One was a time trial on the track the other was a local road race.

I wish I could go back to the college days and do it over. I would have trained specifically for the mile with a little more focus on running and not partying.

I noticed that my mile repeat pace and my marathon pace is usually 45 sec. difference.

So, say you run 7-7:15 min. miles at the track if you did 3x1 mile with 400m recovery.
Then in the marathon I would eventually try and reach 7:45-8:00. (Practice this pace on tempo runs of 6 to 10 miles.)

Kam and I noticed over the years we have closed the gap from mile repeat pace to marathon pace.
But, It has taken about 12 years.

I have noticed I am running 15 sec. slower on my mile repeats and 15 sec. slower on my tempo runs from my times 10 years ago. I must be getting old.

You also have to remember to put in the mile as well as the tempo runs and also the speed workouts on the track. Some how it all comes together. It takes time.

ErieTom said...

Good luck in your June races Mark! I am running BR100 this August after crewing at it last year (for Mike Hayden). You passed me during the Punxy 50K in September like I was standing still (well, I might have been to let you pass me or else you would have trampled me you were going so fast). You looped me on that 8 mile (?) loop!

Kick arse this month!

duchossois said...

Good luck at WS, Mark. This could be your best year.