Thursday, June 26, 2008

Western States 100 Cancelled

I am at Squal Valley and yesterday we recieved the news that the race would be cancelled. Pretty bummed since Mohican was a week before Western. Too bad it could not have been the week after.

On Saturday I ran on the Michigan Bluff section of the course as my last main run to prepare for the heat and climbs. That evening I slept in my car at Mumsford Bar. During the night a forest rep. informed me there was a fire in the area. I awoke to smoke that resembled fog in the daylight. The smoke was very thick in the Forest Hill area. I was thinking this race is not going to happen.

Driving up to Truckee the smoke was worse.
Tahoe City was not much better.

Looks like my next ultra will be the Buckeye 50K and then the Burning River 100.


Kim said...

What a huge bummer for everyone.
Well, at least you're ready to smoke the BT50K and will be primed for the Burning River Race!

duchossois said...

And I was betting on you to win it this year! I agree Kim, nothing to do but come home, and get ready to blow away the BT50k and Burning River.

E-Speed said...

What a bummer. Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy the mini vacation with the family.

Jamie said...

Hey Mark. I was the guy you ran past coming down Emigrant Pass on Saturday after the flag raising ceremony. Nice meeting you and see you next year.