Saturday, July 5, 2008

Best Tunes of 2008 So Far

Below is a list of the indie and alternative tunes I am listing to right now.

Song: No Lucifer, Band: British Sea Power
Song: Waving Flags, Band: British Sea Power

Song: Archangel, Band: Burial

Song: West Coast, Band: Coconut Records

Song: Viva la Vida, Band: Coldplay

Song: The Rat, Band: Dead Confederate

Song: Heavy Heartt, Band: Ghostland Observatory
Song: Dancin' On My Grave, Band: Ghostland Observatory

Song: Hallelujah, Band: The Helio Sequence

Song: Don't Dance, Band: Hot Chip

Song: Tomorrow, Band: Ladytron

Song: Mr. Pitiful, Band: Matt Costa

Song: Time to Pretend, Band: MGMT
Song: Electric Feel, Band: MGMT

Song: Ending Of An Era, Band: Midnight Juggernauts
Song: Shadows, Band: Midnight Juggernauts
Song: Dystopia (Turkish Prison Mix), Band: Midnight Juggernauts

Song: Leader, Band: Phantom Planet

Song: Good to Sea, Band: Pinback

Song: The Rip, Band: Portishead
Song: Machine Gun, Band: Portishead

Song: L.E.S. Artistes, Band: Santogold

Song: Hang Them All, Band: Tapes 'n Tapes

Song: Oxford Comma, Band: Vampire Weekend
Song: A-Punk, Band: Vampire Weekend

Song: Forever, Band: Walter Meego
Song: Keyhole, Band: Walter Meego


Kim said...

Happy birthday Marc!
I know you and Regis Jr. share the same birthday, so I hope you enjoyed it despite WS!


Thanks Kim.

Chef Bill Bailey said...

Thanks for the homework. Know I have to find out who the hell these bands are.

Chubby Luv said...


You also need to check out Sam Sparro performing "Black & Gold and Black Kids doing "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You"

Arran Clan said...

Fantastic recommendations. I find them truly inspirational! Love the music.