Sunday, February 10, 2008

Training Week February 4 - 10

8 Miles a.m.
8 Miles p.m.
Both runs downtown Cleveland.
Day Total: 16 Miles

Tuesday : 
8 Miles a.m., downtown Cleveland.
8 Miles p.m., Cuyahoga Falls.
Track Workout: Discovered the UofA Field House was closed.
Since I was planning on running inside I did not have proper cloths for a third workout outside. Ended up wearing shorts and short leave shirt. Put on a wet hat from my previous run and wore some dry socks for gloves I found in the bottom of my bag.
Hit the outdoor track for the usual. 
Temp was very cold in the 40's with drizzle.
1 Mile warm-up.
3 x 1,600 with 400 recovery.
1st Mile was pretty slow 5:20.
2nd  Mile was 5:15 rain started coming down harder.
3rd Mile was in 5:15 cold front came through very windy and heavy rain.
2 Mile cool-down.
Day Total: 22 Miles

8 Miles a.m.
8 Miles p.m.
Both runs in downtown Cleveland
Day Total: 16 Miles

10 Miles hard at 5:50 pace.
8 Miles p.m.
Both runs downtown Cleveland.
Day Total: 18 Miles

8 Miles a.m.
8 Miles p.m.
Both runs Downtown Cleveland.
Day Total: 16 Miles

12 Miles in a.m.
Trail run the the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
6 Miles in p.m. in Hudson.
Day Total: 18 Miles

12 Miles in a.m. in Solon with the Cleveland Southeast Running Club.
Cold front moved in at mile 6. Temp dropped and white-out with strong winds.
Could only see 50m visibility.
6 Miles in p.m. in Home town Aurora.
Very cold and windy. Temp 11 with a -10 wind chill.
Heading west was rough.
Day Total: 18 Miles.

Weekly Total Miles: 124


Jim said...

Mark...unless you have a time machine, you need to slow down and get some oxygen in your brain. Nice Feb 4-10 week.

Mike said...

I struggle to read the miles that Mark runs, and remember that my measly 6 miles a day avg is enough for me for now....dang Mark, your routine is impressive.

One day, I would love to hear you retell the story of your 24 hour american record...many runners like me weren't running when you did it, and I don't know much about it.

Kim said...

Wow. Mark, what are you training for? Awesome weeks of training here in the heart of winter!

Yoe said...

Go Mega

Pat Com said...

Wow, wow, and wow. I noticed that you list Patagonia as one of your interests. You might be interested in my blog, Patagonia Community, which is about Patagonia products, sales, and causes. Best wishes to you.