Friday, February 22, 2008

Urban Ultra Running — Cleveland, Ohio

Running through some of the neighborhoods of Cleveland will make you realize how thankful you should be for the things you have. 
Not the things you want.

Color of Cleveland.

Million dollar ball park, with Lebron James banner.

Running the rails. [Friend Marc]

Don't dare stop.

Abandon swings.

God is Great sign.

Lonely Man Walking.


Broken Fence.


E-Speed said...

where on earth do you go on your lunch runs? I never do anything besides the flats, marginal, or ohio city if I am feeling restless :)

Chef Bill Bailey said...

Urban Ultra Running isn't pretty. It's all about racking up the miles. I run a few routes like this in Akron, care to join me on an evening run?

Daniel said...

I really like these photographs. Do you often carry a camera when you run? What kind of camera do you use?
It must be a small one.


Brett S. said...

Makes you run faster at night huh?

Anonymous said...

Nice post Mark. I really appreciated some of those photos.

chris said...

hey mark ...i'm going to be at a conference at University of Akron this summer... any good running routes that you can recommend?